• Concentrol’s DNA

Concentrol’s DNA

Vocation, commitment and sustainability


Concentrol bases its line of work and productivity in improvement and constant search, which involves constant effort and long term commitment on the part of its great human team and their professional experience.

The preservation of the environment, is also present in all the industrial development. Sustainability and highest quality are the two lines of work that mark the daily routine of the company. Concentrol generates about 90,000 Kw/year through a photovoltaic plant for selfconsumption, which contributes to the reduction of C02 emissions in the atmosphere. In total, there has been a reduction of 243 tons of thanks to the improvement in the efficiency of the installations.

The company has different certificates that guarantee compliance with legal regulations established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The commitment and involvement of Concentrol extend as far as the needs of the social environment that surrounds us. The business management, since its beginning and over three generations, is based on ethics and discipline, acquiring commitments to favour social cohesion.

Values Concentrol

The social corporate responsibility of the company, also goes one step further to teach values like the preservation of the environment, sustainability preservación, hygiene, investigation and safety. Concentrol wants its customers to feel part of collaborations carried out with NGO’s, cultural and sports entities and non-lucrative associations.

Values Concentrol