• Control: Efficiency and innovation

We meet the required management standards

We meet the required management standards

We guarantee the quality of our products with actions, not just words and declare that we defend and support the highest quality in all our products and manufacturing processes. And we can prove it with the different certificates that guarantee the compliance with the regulations established by International Standards Organization (ISO).

This policy, applied from the beginning, reaped its rewards by obtaining the ISO 9002:94 in 1997, which was when we reinforced management control. Expanding the scope of our system in the year 2003 led us to the ISO 900, which defines the various requisites needed to achieve a good Quality Management System (SGC) in the different areas of the company. We now have theISO 9001:2015 certificate(download PDF)

We also have theISO 14001:2015  certificate (download PDF)as from 2007, which guarantees an effective Environmental Management System (EMS).

Our involvement in I + D (innovation and development), custom-made system studies to offer solutions to specific problems and the development of work methods that are adapted to requirements at any time, are also examples of our work philosophy.