• Customized solutions
  • Customized solutions

High efficiency innovative solutions

The Specialty Chemicals division is the one that has a wider range of products, due to the large number of solutions it supplies to different industrial sectors.

In this family highlights:
• Anti foaming agents
• Tackifying resin dispersions
• Silicone emulsions
• Silicone surface additives
• Reactive hotmelts

This is a division that takes advantage of product synergies from different sectors and areas worldwide, with the aim of feeding the other divisions of the company. This crosscutting allows Concentrol to provide innovative solutions to develop a wide range of products with such diverse applications as detergents and cleaning products and maintenance, adhesive manufacturers, manufacturers of paints and printing inks and wastewater treatment applications, among many others.

Over the years, the division has become increasingly important within the company and has gradually increased the number of items produced in this line of business. One of the distinguishing features of Concentrol, which arises due to its vertical integration, is its ability to design many of the basic products. An essential aspect to mantain the excellence is the independence as well as competitive prices in a global market aspect.

The economy of scale in some families of large volume of global consumption, can offer competitive prices with high quality products. The working philosophy of the company based on technological partnership with customers, can create synergies that lead to new products that offer unique and exclusive solutions.

The main factor of success of this division is the task of innovation and constant updating of the solutions and products offered to customers. Concentrol understands the technological evolution as a result of the experience lived with the client and investment in R & D in their laboratories. A methodology that provides quick solutions and a diversified specialization to global customers.

High efficiency innovative solutions

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