• The strength  of Concentrol

The strength of Concentrol

Competence through experience

5 good reasons

A highly specialized team works intensely in modern, permanently and technologically updated installations, which operate according to European safety standards.

This plan of work, together with the agility in the production and thanks to the versatility of the production centers, enables us to produce certain exclusive products on the market that meet the customer’s specific needs.

The quality of the products offered by Concentrol is based on a firm commitment to R + D, with an investment in this area that represents 7% total of our business turnover, offering solutions to specific problems and developing work methods, that meet that meet the customers’ needs, always bearing in mind the natural environment.

The facilities are diversified in five centres with laboratories and production areas specialized in research and development, in which teams of highly qualified researchers work.

The process of research and development at Concentrol is completed by linking these areas with universities. The result of all this, is the link with the University of Girona, among others, through their PhD program; a project that allows constant knowledge transfer between business and the academic world and it is vital for the economic development of the country. In addition, the company collaborates in European programs to support R & D + i, and in about 20 projects related to market opportunities.

5 good reasons

The strength of Concentrol’s DNA is completed by the binomial that forms the technical and commercial teams. The sum of these two areas constantly working hand in hand, can have an interdisciplinary team that makes possible direct contact with existing and potential customers to meet their needs.

One of the main advantages of this work method, is the continuous contribution of new ideas to solve specific problems that make more efficient the production processes and the profitability of companies with which Concentrol works.

5 good reasons