• L’ADN de Concentrol


  • FUNDACIÓN ASTRID 21: Organization that helps people with Down's Syndrome in Girona and surrounding districts.
  • RED CROSS: Institution that provides aid to vulnerable groups and those without means.
  • FUNDACIÓN MONA: Rescue and  rehabilitation of primates.
  • CÁRITAS DIOCESANA: An organization devoted to promoting, orientating and coordinating social and charity work  in the  dioceses of Girona.
  • FUNDACIÓN JOSEP CARRERAS: A foundation to find cures for leukaemia and other malignant diseases.
  • FUNDACIÓN ONCOLLIGA GIRONA: The Catalan association of cancer patients and their families.
  • ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA CONTRA EL CÁNCER (AECC): A charitable non-profit organization that helps cáncer patients and their families.
  • FUNDACIÓN ALBERT BOSCH: This Institution helps to combat childhood illnesses.
  • FUNDACIÓN SERGI: Foundation with the mission to facilitate  access and maintenance of decent housing for families in financial difficulties and also trains Young people to enable future access to the labour market.
  • PLANT-FOR-THE-PLANET: Plant-for-the-Planet is an  initiative for children and its aim is to increase awareness of children and adults of problems related to climate change and global justice.
  • LYMBUS - THE GREENWALL SHOW BY COMEDIANTS & MARC GRAÑÉN: Marc Grañén collaborates in public and private projects to improve the lives of people, always from an artistic, logical and sustainable perspective.
  • TEMPORADA ALTA: Cooperative agreement with performing arts festival held in Girona and Salt.

Sports and cultural sponsorship

  • GIRONA FC: Sponsorship agrrement for football team.
  • CF LES PLANES D'HOSTOLES - JOSEP GUÀRDIA RODÀ STADIUM : Concentrol, originally from Les Planes d´Hostoles, supports the local football team.
Patrocini esportiu i cultural